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Abandoned senior dog living on his own needs immediate rescue

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Living on his own in Sylmar, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, a very depressed senior dog walks slowly around a vacant and deserted house obviously waiting for his family to return.

Most likely his arthritis bothers him from having to sleep on a cold concrete slab. It's so painful to get comfortable, and it's just so lonely.

No one has shown up to pat the seat of their car and call to him to climb in; his family just walked away and never turned around to see the loving spark flicker out of his deep brown eyes.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan notified an animal advocate on Monday hoping to find help for this extremely sad dog; down on his luck because of irresponsible owners.

Angels for Adoption, a Facebook page of dedicated volunteers, helping animals in need, visited the site to check on the dog. They left him food and water. Now someone is desperately needed to care for this friendly and sweet senior.

A volunteer writes:

"Unfortunately as much as I wanted to bring him home I can't. I'm way over capacity!!! PLEASE, this old guy needs a reputable rescue group to go get him ASAP!

If someone with a kind heart can help him please call me at (818) 577-9594 for the exact location."

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Click on the Facebook thread here to follow his story.

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