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An abandoned puppy's chance for life, despite all odds, thanks to Good Samaritan

"MAXWELL" and AL Animal Advocates fight for his life
Cindy Eads

This past weekend, a "Good Samaritan" says she had to look twice and blink when she spotted the small puppy trudging along on a busy street in Tuscaloosa, AL. The sight of a pup alone, a speck among the rushing cars, was disturbing enough. When she bent down to scoop him up, she says she was met by two frightened eyes peering out from what appeared to be a "mask of festering sores."

Despite being a little taken back by the pup's facial affliction, the “Good Sam” said she didn't have time to hesitate. "I plucked him up, put him in my car and rushed him to a vet.”

“Maxwell” is a four-month old, four-pound mixed breed puppy. The veterinarian's examination concluded an initial diagnosis of the presence of a severe bacterial infection, pointing to a highly contagious Staphylococcus bacteria called Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, (MRSA). Alabama Animal advocates raised funds for a more in depth medical evaluation, while “Maxwell” was isolated in the bathtub of his caretaker's apartment, handled only with surgical gloves, as per veterinarian's instructions.

Additional tests were performed, and tissue sent to a diagnosis laboratory for confirmation of the bacteria strain, “Maxwell” is on antibiotics and sits in his kind rescuer's bathtub. Advocates are raising funds for probable extensive, lengthy treatment, and contributors are rallying for “Maxwell's” survival. A pressing issue for“Maxwell” is that he desperately needs a long-term foster home if he is to beat this disease.

According to his caregiver and those who have met “Maxwell”, including the veterinary staff, “Maxwell's” expressive eyes tell his story. His little tail wags in response to affection and he doesn't seem to notice that the hands reaching out to him in kindness are gloved.

Rescues in Alabama are overwhelmed, shelters and animal control facilities are full, animals are euthanized by the thousands but here is one small puppy, by chance, who may just have a chance for life.

While “Maxwell” waits in his temporary refuge, the bathtub, for exact diagnosis, Alabama's animal rescue community agree that this “Good Samaritan” did the right thing. Had she not acted quickly, “Maxwell” would have suffered a horrible, elongated death, alone.

If you would like to contribute, and help make sure that “Maxwell” won't ever be alone again, you can donate at this link or visit LAST CHANCE DOG RESCUE website for updates on Maxwell's progress at


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