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Abandoned puppies found in bag in Middletown

Animal rescuers in Middletown, Ohio are looking for the person who left a duffel bag full of puppies in an alleyway there this week. Five German-Shepherd mix pups, around the age of six weeks, are now in the care of the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton.

They were found in a bag that was zipped closed and left on Hill Avenue in Middletown, which is about 35 miles north of Cincinnati, by a woman who was driving down the alley on Wednesday. The woman almost ran over the duffel bag, but avoided it after seeing that it was moving.

The woman got out, opened the bag, and found the puppies. She immediately called the Middletown Police Department, and an animal officer was dispatched to pick the puppies up.

The five puppies are said to be doing well. They will be available for adoption in the upcoming weeks.

Middletown Animal Control is conducting an ongoing investigation, and currently no charges have been filed.