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Abandoned Pitbull at Gwinnett County Animal Control needs rescue

Abandoned Pitbull will not leave the only home he's ever known
Abandoned Pitbull will not leave the only home he's ever known
Johanna Falber

UPDATE 4/1/2014: Thanks to generous sharing of this boy's story, he was adopted on 4/1/14!!

A local bus driver located in Lawrenceville, Georgia began noticing a bi-colored Pitbull lying outside of a house, every single day, looking pitifully sad. After gathering information from the children who rode the bus, he discovered that the family had moved, and left their dog.

The abandoned dog would not move from his family’s front doorstep. He remained there until local animal control retrieved him. He didn’t want to go. He never stopped hoping that his family would return, that they hadn’t left him there alone. He didn’t want to leave the only home he had ever known.

Ultimately, he was taken to animal control. The “family” in question is long gone, and there sits a loyal, friendly, intelligent and obedient dog in Gwinnett County Animal Control. The hope is that someone will come to his aid, on March 31, 2014, when his hold time is finished.

He is listed under Shelter ID# 38441, and the Gwinnett County Animal Control is located at:
884 Winder Highway
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
(770) 339-3200

If you can help or have connections to someone who might be able to help, please share this boy’s story. He doesn’t deserve to die for being abandoned.

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