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Abandoned, padlocked dog rescued by good Samaritan

Via Paddy Facebook page

According to Wednesday's KOCO News, a black pit bull is fortunate to be alive after being padlocked and left for dead inside of a duplex in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The abandoned dog, dubbed "Paddy," was rescued last Wednesday by Tiffany Kinsey, an Oklahoma City Public Schools employee. Kinsey had spotted the frightened dog in a parking lot, and with the help of some tantalizing treats and a good dose of patience, Kinsey was able to gain Paddy's trust and secure her in the car.

Kinsey recounted Paddy's relief after being captured, telling KOCO News:

“She just let out a deep sigh and fell asleep and was snoring within minutes and I just started crying thinking when is the last time she felt safe enough to go to sleep?”

A resident in the neighborhood told Kinsey that the dog had been abandoned inside of an empty duplex; Kinsey told KOCO News:

The dog from what I understand was chained in the home …no air, nothing in the house, with the dog food bag on the front porch,”

Judging by Paddy's relative good condition, there was hope that the dog may have been stolen and that possibly, there was a good owner searching for her. According to a Facebook page which has been established for the rescued dog, Paddy went to an area animal shelter for several days in case someone was looking for her; unfortunately, during her stay, no one came forward to claim her.

Today, Paddy is boarded, at Kinsey's expense, at a veterinary clinic - she is heartworm positive and is undergoing treatment to help her regain her health.

Canine conflicts at her Kinsey's house have made it impossible for Paddy to reside permanently with her rescuer; Kinsey is committed to finding Paddy a perfect home.

She wrote:

I truly believe there is a perfect person for every dog and Paddy’s person is out there somewhere. We didn't come this far for nothing to work out for this girl. Hers is one of many long heartbreaking stories and I have been in tears daily trying to figure this out and do right by her.

Dogs touch my heart each and every day but there is something special about this girl. Her soul is kind and trusting and she epitomizes what a pit bull truly is: loving, silly, resilient, and forgiving. I will save her no matter what.

Follow Paddy's journey here on Facebook.

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