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Abandoned Las Vegas dog video sparks outrage: Poor pup chases after owner's SUV

Dog abandoned in Las Vegas chases the car that just dumped him on the street.
Dog abandoned in Las Vegas chases the car that just dumped him on the street.
YouTube screen shot

A video captured the abandoned Las Vegas dog being dumped by its owner by the side of a street in Sin City. Las Vegas resident Toni Luisi found the six-month-old pup by her gate when she went to let her two dogs out in the morning and took her in, according to NBC News on May 19.

First thinking the dog was lost Luisi had the dog checked for a chip, but it didn’t have one. When she watched her front yard camera’s surveillance video she realized that Graci, a name Luisi gave the pup, was abandoned. The video showed an SUV pull over and put Graci out and then taking off again, as seen on video provided by KLAS.

What happened next was enough to pull on anyone’s heart-strings. Graci follows the vehicle for several feet looking confused. She looks as if she is saying “Please give me another chance,” said Luisi. She took Graci to the vet and she was found to be in good health and it was the vet who put the pup at about six-months-old.

“I just can’t believe somebody could do that," said Luisi, who found the dog at 5:30 in the morning in the beginning of May. The video of Graci being dumped captured images of the SUV, but the license plate wasn’t visible. She is hoping the person is found and cited for doing this. Abandoning a dog in Vegas usually comes with a fine, according to

With two dogs of her own to care for, Luisi has set out to find Graci a good home, which has become a very easy task. She setup an email address for a “" for people to email her if they were interested in the dog.

Once folks got a look at the video of Graci being abandoned by her owner, Luisi got emails from numerous families wanting to adopt her. Many of the families had big yards with plenty of love to go around for the dog.

The one email that stood out for Luisi was from a mom, whose son is a cancer survivor. This is a woman Luisi plans to call back!

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