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Abandoned dog in Las Vegas: Graci seeks new home after owner dumps her

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An abandoned dog in Las Vegas likely won't go without a loving home for long. The dog nicknamed Graci luckily was found by someone willing to ensure she found new owners who would treasure her, and it seems likely many will be stepping up to angle for the opportunity.

NBC News shares that Toni Luisi discovered the abandoned dog in Las Vegas outside her gate in the wee hours of the morning on May 4. Luisis has a camera on her house, so she was able to see that Graci was dumped off by an SUV driver who simply drove away. Graci seemed confused at first, but soon she should be in a much better position.

Luisi, a dog owner herself, created the email address to try to find the abandoned dog in Las Vegas a new loving home. Graci, said to be healthy and about six months old, didn't have a collar or chip. Luisi named her Graci as a nickname based on the phrase “for the grace of God.”

While a new home hasn't been chosen for Graci yet, it seems Luisi is getting deluged with people happy to offer up a loving place for the pup. While the surveillance camera footage doesn't reveal enough detail on the SUV to track down the original owners, most would say that the abandoned dog in Las Vegas will soon move on to bigger and better things. Luisi says she hopes to keep Graci until a new home can be found, and she's already received a number of promising possibilities.