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Abandoned dog comes with a note

Note found with stray dog.
Note found with stray dog.
Courtesy of Daily Mail

Abandoned dogs usually have quite a story to tell, they just can't give us the information - or even their name. Reever is the exception.  He was found darting through traffic with a little bag tied around his neck.  Inside the bag was a note.

The note was placed in the bag by Reever's former owner read: 'If u find this dog (Reever), I'm sorry but I abandoned him.

'I am homeless with no way of looking after him. He is friendly, he just needs a better home than I could give.'

Reever was found by a woman who had worked at the Birch Pet Hotel.  She brought the dog to Sue Aston at the pet hotel. Ms. Ashton commented in the Daily Mail, 'He is an absolutely lovely dog. He's as good as gold and all he needs is a loving home.   

'It is obvious that whoever had him had to make the heartbreaking decision to give him up.

'It is fortunate because we think he was found shortly after he was abandoned."

Reever abandoned dog staying a pet hotel

Reever is one lucky and well-cared for dog.


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