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Abandoned cats

I live by the Waipahu Wal-Mart and abandoned cats run rampant over here. It is sad to see this. It seems as though when people are moving they get rid of their cats by abandoning them. This is a problem here that is heartbreaking. It is so hard not to feed and take each and every cat under my wing, but if I did, I would go broke and be overrun by cats. I believe people abandon their pets because they feel they will be killed at a shelter.

What people seem to fail to realize is that the same cat they were afraid would be killed (humanely might I add) at the shelter may die (more than likely a slow and painful death) outside without human care. These cats, most of whom, have been indoor kitties since kitten hood probably don't know how to hunt well enough to feed themselves on a constant basis. They eat out of the dumpsters and hide from humans in the drains under the curb. This is a dangerous life for these cats, they may eat something from the dumpster that will kill them, a chemical such as cleaning agents, a bone from food scraps could get stuck in their throats or colon or splinter and cut their guts and they would bleed to death from the inside or some plastic or packing material that was thrown away could block their airway or get lodged somewhere in their digestive tract.

Then there is the high risk they could get hit by a car, not realizing that the car may not see him or her in the road or may not care. Many times being hit by a car leaves the cat mangled and bleeding, but the cat may not die instantaneously and without a human to take him to the vet, would slowly and painfully die.

These animals have feelings too, and they are attached to their owners, but some owners don't seem to care about that. They should treat them as family, but instead they treat them as a piece of furniture. Once they are done using it, they just throw it out. These types of owners are the ones who need to be educated on Humane Societies and no kill shelters. If you know someone who would do this please intervene and let the person know there are options. If you have to make some time in your schedule to either find a good home or take the animal to the shelter yourself you will be rewarded knowing you gave the animal the second chance he or she deserved. I had an acquaintance that said she no longer liked her cat and was going to dump her off outside somewhere to get rid of her. I intervened and talked to a few friends until a home was found and then I took the cat to her new owners. This was a beautiful and friendly cat who, I am sure was grateful to her new owners, especially after they took her to the vet and got some flea medicine.


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