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Abandoned at birth, a man and common-law wife discover they are siblings

According to a local television station on Thursday, a man and woman were both abandoned at birth by their mother. After living together in a common-law marriage for seven years and having a six-year-old daughter, the man and woman discovered on a live radio show that they are actually brother and sister.

Leandro and his common-law wife, Adriana, had both spent years trying to track down their birth mothers. A source says the Brazilian couple successfully found their birth mothers, and thought it was a coincidence they were both named Maria.

It was just this week that they realized they were looking for the same woman who had abandoned them. Leandro stayed in the town where he was born, near Sao Paulo. Adriana moved away, was married for 15 years and had three children. When she divorced ten years ago, she moved back home to the town where she was born. That's where she met Leandro at the same time she was still desperate to find her birth mother. Adriana enlisted a local radio station to help her find her birth mother. Radio Globo did track down her mother and arranged for them to reunite live on the air.

This story would not be unique except for another discovery. On the air, Maria admitted she also had a son she abandoned, and his name is Leandro. This hit Adriana like a ton of bricks, and she could be heard sobbing uncontrollably. She said between sobs, "I don’t believe that you’re telling me this. Leandro is my husband."

Leonardo and Adriana live together as husband and wife, but they never legally married. They say they don’t blame their mother for abandoning them, and they plan to continue to see her. This is not a clear case of incest because they did not know at the time that they were siblings; however, now that they know it could be considered incest. However, they have vowed to stay together stating that only death can separate them.

Let's see what this means for the family unit. Since Leandro and Adriana are brother and sister, they are not only parents but the uncle and aunt of their own daughter.

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