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Abandoned American bulldog mix down on her luck still seeking home

Faith has just been moved from one home to another; she needs to have stability.
Ann Bridges

Between breed specific discrimination, and a lack of proper training when it comes to canine etiquette, an American bull dog named Faith can't seem to find a loving home.

For Faith, her sad story began in January when the young dog was left abandoned on the front porch of a senior citizen's home in Delray Beach, Fla. Attached to the dog's collar was a note which read:

"I know you will take good care of her."

From then on, homeowner Iris Lambka welcomed Faith; it was as if someone knew that Iris' own dog, an aged pit bull mixed breed, had recently died and the hole in Iris' heart was as big as a mountain.

For a short time, Faith and Iris were together; that is until Iris' home sold, and she had plans to move into an apartment. Iris brought a photo of her new friend to the superintendent, but because the dog resembled a pit bull breed, Iris was denied her request to keep Faith.

As Iris has always been a generous supporter of the Palm Beach Animal Care and Control, she reached out for help. There Faith was properly vetted and spayed, but no one ever showed up to adopt her.

The beautiful pooch was even assessed by dog trainer Tibor Feigel of Zen K-9 NY-FL who stated:

"She's great with other dogs, and we tested her with a pushy female. Her disposition is awesome. Great energy."

But then came the unexpected. Perhaps Faith has lacked continuity in her life; perhaps Faith misses her owners, but on Valentine's Day, as Faith once again found herself in another home, possession of a dog toy caused a fight between the dogs, and Faith had to be relocated again.

No dogs were hurt.

And now Faith is being boarded at the John Young Parkway Animal Hospital in Orlando.

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If someone is willing to adopt Faith in the central or southern area of Florida, Tibor Feigel will continue to work with Faith and help her become a perfect canine citizen.

Please share Faith's story with your friends, family, and coworkers. Hasn't this dog been passed around enough? Isn't it time she could really call some place home?

If interested please call Ann Bridges at (239)-462-3310.

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