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According to AARP celebration vacations are top choice of mature adults

Celebrating  Richard's birthday on the Golden Princess
Celebrating Richard's birthday on the Golden Princess
Richard Pietschmann

Every year for decades now my husband and I have celebrated our birthdays and our anniversary on a cruise (most recently Silversea Cruises Silver Spirit last March and Princess Cruises Golden Princess the year before) or on land (in Hawaii or other tropical spot). We love the festive attention you receive such as birthday cakes, baloons and even Champagne. According to AARP Travel we are not alone in this new trend. The popular organization says that Celebration Vacations are becoming the preferred way for Americans 45+ to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions and weddings.

Celebrating a birthday at sea on Silversea's Silver Spirit
Richard Pietschmann

Other interesting AARP statistics cited in a press release received today said:

  • America’s 76 million baby boomers spend over $120 billion annually in leisure travel. Travel is the number one aspirational activity for the boomer generation.
  • 78% of people 45+ tell us they have taken or plan to take a Celebration Vacation in the next two years.
  • AARP research found that the joy and satisfaction of travel make it a top choice for celebrating an important milestone, even over throwing a party or getting a piece of jewelry.

Top Reasons for Celebration Vacations according to AARP:

1 - Anniversary trips are tops even over a party or jewelry to celebrate anniversaries.

2 - Celebrating a milestone birthday (like a 50th, 60th or 70th) got 77 percent

3 - Retirement got 69 percent

4 - Weddings got 66 percent

And where do Americans 45+ go to celebrate ( 63 percent of the respondents took Celebration Vacations in the U.S. as opposed to international destinations in the last two years with the top destinations being):

1. Las Vegas

2. Disney (more likely for 45-49)

3. Los Angeles

4. Florida

5. Hawaii

6. New York City

7. New Orleans

8. Chicago

9. California

10. Alaska

AARP says 18 percent of the respondents chose tropical/beach destinations with the most popular beaches being:

1. Caribbean

2. Hawaii

3. Puerto Rico

Do you head out of town on special occasions? Let us know where and why.

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