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Aaron Paul the next Paul Walker?

Is Aaron Paul taking the place of the late Paul Walker as the pretty face in this ‘leave you in my dust’ movie? Aaron Paul plays Tobey Marshall who is challenged to race an old rival after being released from prison. In the movie “Need for Speed“, he takes on the opportunity for revenge.

Of course, Tobey is a talented street racer with classic car chasing stunts. “Need for Speed“ is full of action with Brit (Imogen Poots) along for the ride and bounty hunters and cops on their tail.

Paul’s real talent as an actor lies in the audience seeing tough guy Tobey Marshall on the big screen rather than Breaking Bad’s character, Jesse Pinkman.

Check out the drive-in scene where “Bullitt”, a car chase movie icon from the 1960s, is playing. The oldies brought out stars like Steve McQueen and Burt Reynolds. In these suspenseful stories, they tore up real cars and used real bullets. But while defying gravity lasts a lot longer in “Need for Speed“ due to the movie’s computer generated exploits.

The plot is predictable but thrilling. “Need for Speed“ is non-the-less an action-packed movie that will draw you in because the movie lives up to its name.

Need for Speed coming Friday March 14, 2014

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