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Aaron Paul reflects on the end of Breaking Bad on eve of his new film opening

As Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul portrayed a character that has become a modern cultural icon. His over-sized ghetto boy wannabe wardrobe and colorful use of the English language (Yeah bitch! Magnets!), were only the outward trappings of a character who proved to be more complex and sympathetic than could have been predicted from the early superficial indications.

Breaking Bad followers watched as over 5 plus seasons the Pinkman persona evolved during a journey that saw the character at his best and his worst, strong and weak, up and down, using (pun intended) and used. He is blackmailed into a partnership with his former high school chemistry teacher in the early episodes of the first season and a wild ride ensues.

By now everyone who owns a television, computer, radio, tablet device, smart phone or hasn't lived in a cave for the past year, knows that Breaking Bad was a series that raised the bar and has been given all the awards and accolades that media and pop culture can bestow. Paul's character and his performance were a huge part of what made the show great.

In conjunction with promoting his new film, Need for Speed (coming to theaters in March) the actor addressed the question of how he is bearing up since his most famous role ended.

Here is that interview with HITFiX : complreaking-bad

Paul says that after a fairly long process of saying goodbye, he has made peace with the ending of a show that he is proud to have been part of, and feels they were able to do justice to the story that series creator Vince Gilligan wanted to tell.

It will no doubt be a hard act to follow.

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