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Aaron Hernandez victim shot again: 'Pals' trying to kill possible murder link?

Aaron Hernandez in court
Aaron Hernandez in court
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

An Aaron Hernandez victim was shot again, this time in Connecticut -- where Hernandez is from. Alexander Bradley -- the man that says Hernandez shot him in the face last year -- was shot multiple times outside of a nightclub -- Vevo Lounge Bar and Grill in Hartford. On Feb. 3, The New York Daily News reported that after Bradley was shot, he grabbed a gun himself and started shooting at the nightclub. He was arrested by police.

"Bradley, 31, was charged with criminal possession of a firearm, criminal use of a firearm, first-degree reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge, stealing a firearm and obliterated serial number," reports The New York Daily News.

The Aaron Hernandez victim shot again was allegedly involved in an argument over money. The argument turned violent and gunfire broke out. Interestingly enough, Bradley had reportedly been called to testify in the two homicide investigations that Hernandez is allegedly involved in (one is for the murder of Odin Lloyd and the other is for a shooting in Boston that happened years prior).

Since many of Hernandez's "friends" have been "found dead" after the former Patriots star was arrested, some people are wondering if someone is out to kill Alexander Bradley. Perhaps Bradley knows something that could put Hernandez away for a very long time. Others seem to think that there's more to the story. Was Bradley directly link to either of the murders that Aaron was involved in? Some seem to think so. Perhaps he was in the SUV with Aaron on the night of the Boston post-nightclub shooting.

Was Aaron Hernandez's victim shot again because someone wants him dead? Was the "money" argument actually about "hush money"? Thoughts?

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