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Aaron Hernandez indicted on assault charges

Aaron Hernandez in more trouble
Aaron Hernandez in more trouble
Jared Wickerham/ Getty images

Aaron Hernandez continues to find trouble, even while he is locked up in Connecticut for his past actions. Hernandez has now been indicted on charges relating to an assault of which he took part while he was incarcerated. The former New England Patriot tight end football player was indicted by a Bristol County grand jury on charges of assault and battery from an incident that occurred on February 25. Additionally, he allegedly threatened to do bodily harm to someone prior to that incident, last Nov. 1, according to a Sports Illustrated report released on Thursday evening.

Hernandez has been incarcerated in the Bristol County House of Corrections. He is being held there on murder charges that are related to the death of Odin Lloyd. That incident occurred in June or 2013.

According to ABC-News affiliate’s WCVB-TV report in Boston, the inmate who was allegedly assaulted by Hernandez is Andrew Booker. The assault is reported to have occurred after a verbal confrontation that Booker and Hernandez had had at the Bristol County House of Corrections on Feb. 25. The threats that Hernandez is said to have made, occurred in the same jail. The confrontation between the two men on Feb. 25 occurred when they met in a hallway within the correctional facility. Since the incident, Booker’s release date has arrived as he has been released from custody in April of this year.

Regarding Hernandez’ latest incident which brushes against the law, the Fall River Justice Center has not yet set an arraignment date for the athletic convict. Hernandez is in the correctional facility without option of posting bail at the jail in Dartmouth. Previously, Hernandez pleaded not guilty last September. He pleaded not guilty to six charges – one of which is a first-degree murder charge. He has been accused of killing Odin Lloyd who was a 27-year-old man who lived in Boston.