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Aaron Findley reaps and sows at Midway Community Garden

PUEBLO, Colo.—Aaron Findley made his live performance debut at the Midway Community Garden, on May 24. He was the opening act, along with Stefan Findley. Brian Wolfe was the direct support and Frank Roquemore was the headliner.

Aaron Findley reaps and sows at Midway Community Garden.
Sareth Ney/
Aaron Findley reaps and sows at Midway Community Garden
Sareth Ney/

Findley provides the vocals and strums the guitar. Stefan Findley and Bryson Foster plays the guitar, Roquemore strikes the djembe—as special guests.

Foster encouraged the community to volunteer their time and efforts to help build the community garden, as Findley began his recital with the introductory instrumental of “Peaceful Bob”. Stefan Findley removed himself from the performance area, stood beside Aaron Findley and strummed his guitar too. Shortly after, Aaron Findley provided the vocals. After completing the song, Stefan Findley parted ways with the performance area and Aaron Findley reminded the audience to get involved with the garden.

Before continuing on, Findley noticed the neighbors contributing to the community garden. He spoke softly into the microphone and stated how cool it was for everyone to volunteer. Shortly after, he reached into the pockets of his shorts and pulled out a set list. He read the next song and tucked it in the left leg opening. Before the start of “Fire”, he mentioned he had written the song for the element. Afterwards, he encouraged everyone to make up their own meaning to the song.

Brian Wolfe made his way to the performance area and encouraged more people to join. He went onto say he and Josh Kienitz had workshops going on and how to build a garden bed, inside the community garden. He said how much they would cost if they built them or had the garden beds built instead. After parting the stage, Findley was able to continue with “Whiskey On My Mind”. He mentioned it was an old Irish folk song. He went onto say how the melody and lyrics changed over time.

Prior to Findley ending his concert with “Wild Rover”, he mentioned it was an old Irish folk song. Roquemore remained beside him and questioned his Irish roots. He replied by telling him if he tilted his head to the side and with the help of the sun, he could see red hairs in his beard. He went onto say everyone had a bit of Irish in them and proceeded to play the song.

“Oh, Wary”, “Mustard Seeds”, “Kansas” and “Notes” were also part of Aaron Findley’s set.