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Aaron Carter's tweets allude to him wanting Hilary Duff back

Aaron Carter
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie announced their amicable split just a few months ago. The couple had been married for three years and have a young son. Duff had been romantically linked to Aaron Carter back in her “Lizzie McGuire” days and they dated for 18 months before he dumped her and moved on to the likes of Lindsay Lohan. According to a March 6 report from Yahoo Celebrity, Aaron Carter is attempting to win back Hilary Duff. He has dropped hints in the past that she was “the one who got away” and it looks like he is going to try to rekindle what they had as teenagers over a decade ago.

Aaron Carter is the younger brother of Nick Carter, one of the “Backstreet Boys.” He began dating Hilary Duff when he turned 13 and they dated for a year and a half before he says he got bored. When Lindsay Lohan came along he moved on and left Duff. Apparently Carter took to Twitter and retweeted a photo of the 26-year-old Duff and called her flawless. The retweet was followed by a bunch of confessions about losing the one you love forever, which lead fans to believe that Carter wants to win Duff back.

There has been no comment from Hilary Duff yet, but fans are hoping the two may be able to rekindle their romance from when they were teenagers. A lot changes in 10 years and it looks like both Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter have grown up. Whether or not the two will reconnect is up in the air but fans are enjoying the possibility of a reunion.

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