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AA Flight 24 makes emergency flight in KC due to threat of flash drive

American Airlines, Flight No. 24 from San Francisco International Airport to JFK International Airport in New York City, made an emergency landing based on the threat of terrorism aboard the airplane. I understand the need to take precautions but this incident just seemed to be a bit far-fetched especially during blizzard conditions. Reportedly, a flash drive (also known as a USB driver or thumb drive) was discovered in a restroom during the mid air flight. Kansans City Airport official, Joe McBride reported to news media sources that the plane was taken to a secure terminal where passengers were deplaned. At this time there have been no further reports. According to McBride, the precautions were taken as a threat based on as he stated, "It is "a new day and age since 9-11" and that officials take precautions if something is deemed suspicious." And, while that may be the case, I wonder if occurred for anyone to ask the passengers if anyone accidently dropped their flash drive in the restroom? Of course, it could have easily been overlooked from a previous flight; but would it have been too much to ask one of the passengers' who likely has either an Apple or PC computer to determine the contents of the flash driver? Personally, if the contents of this flash drive contains family photos, homework assignments, or a business professional's work, I would suspect that; (1) they upset and scared a lot of passengers for nothing, and (2) they need to retrain airport officials on making sound judgment calls.