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A1 Uses Facebook To Break Up With Steak!

Brands take note! In what has to be the best "break up" I've seen on Facebook to date, A.1. has come up with a KILLER clever marketing campaign to promote its rebranding as "original" sauce that is not just for steak any more.

After years of listening to the most diehard users, A.1. Steak Sauce realized that people are saucing more than just steak – they’re putting A.1. on chicken, pork, fish and vegetables too. That’s why after about 50 years, A.1. is removing the word “steak” from its name, redesigning its label and launching the “For Almost Everything. Almost” campaign aimed at all food lovers.

It's funny, it's cute - and it uses all those cringeworthy Facebook relationship elements that we've all come to know so well (and dread seeing pop up in our newsfeed).

Check it out and let me know what you think? Love it, hate it - wish you'd thought of it first for YOUR rebranding campaign (come on, be honest)?

You can connect with me on Twitter or here if you have a 'killer clever' idea of your own to share!

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