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A-Z of Northeast Florida: F is for Florida Theater

Florida Theater
Florida Theater
By Angie Bell

The Florida Theater, located in downtown Jacksonville, is home to many magnificent concerts and productions. You can enjoy anything from country and blues to ballet and opera. It has been on Forsyth Street since 1927, entertaining crowds in visually aesthetic surroundings.

Originally a movie theater, the luxurious décor is a wonderful example of 1920’s architecture. The acoustics are perfect and the view from any of the seats is excellent. Even though it was primarily used as a movie theater in the early days, the design was made for stage shows, also. Although it closed several time over the year, it has been going strong since 1983.

There are over 200 events a year held in the theater now, with at least 100 days for local non-profit organizations. Many school children have had their first experience seeing the Nutcracker here on a field trip. There are numerous other productions aimed at children, also.

If you’ve never been, you are missing a treat. Check the list below for upcoming performances and you can purchase a ticket HERE. You are in for a delightful visit!

Upcoming Events

  • 2/06/14 – Pat Matheny Unity Group
  • 2/06/14 – An Evening with Lily Tomlin
  • 2/14/14 – Kenny Loggins
  • 2/17/14 – The Beach Boys
  • 3/09/14 – Scott McCreery
  • 3/14/14 – Michael Bolton
  • 3/28/14 – Loretta Lynn
  • 4/3/14 – SOJA
  • 4/29/14 – Rob Thomas
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