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A year later project 'loon' soars on

Internet giant Google isn't about to let last months balloon crash spoil their celebration of project loon's first birthday. So, to they took their young project on a trip down to South America where they released some balloons over a remote area of Brazil to provide LTE broadband access to a schools never had access to the Internet before now. Showing the progress that their little project has made since its birth in New Zealand last year.

“This is the poster child for Google X,” says Astro Teller, who heads the division, in an interview with Wired on the progress over the past year. “The balloons are delivering 10x more bandwidth, 10x steer-ability, and are staying up 10x as long. That’s the kind of progress that can only happen a few more times until we’re in a problematically good place.”

Some of what Mr. Teller refers to is improved navigation system that can direct the balloon into more favorable air currents to steer the balloons in the right direction, reenforcement of the seams and polymers so the balloons can withstand high altitude pressures and boost the broadband speeds provided. With so much progress being made there are high hopes from Mr. Teller and the rest of Goggle that 'project loon' will have permanent armada of balloons providing access to more remote areas world wide.

The balloons will have some help in the form of solar-powered drones manufactured by Titan. Google purchased Titan back in April and will possibly use the drones as a backup to the balloons.

After one year the future of this once loony sounding project seems to be soaring high. So, we way happy birthday to project loon.

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