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A Yawn Worth Yelling greets Summer with 'Nights Like These'

A Yawn Worth Yelling - Nights Like These
A Yawn Worth Yelling - Nights Like These

Just in time for Summer, (Actually, this came out in late April. I'm just getting around to it, because . . . shut up.) the gents at A Yawn Worth Yelling - again - conquered the task of directing the soundtrack for the season's latest nights. Their newest E.P., "Nights Like These" is meant as a companion to their early 2014 release "Feral." In fact, AYWY has made both albums available as a 2-disc set on the act's Bandcamp page, alongside some choice merch (t-shirt, a couple shot glasses - because, why not? Like you're not gonna use 'em).

It's not like you need the extras to sweeten the already delectable sonic confections of this meaty, 3-song set. AYWY seems to get their rocks off by sucker-punching their listeners' pop-sensibilities, leaving them in the fetal position on some kind of sacchariferous cloud with a sort of insidious addiction. It's not like any of the songs on "Nights Like These" even breach the 4 minute mark, but their enchanting use of time changes, phrasing and emotional manipulation keep their redolent audio hits coming in Mike Tyson-esque fashion.

I don't want to belabor this review due to the length of the E.P., but I'll just say this: they might be evil geniuses - you've been warned.

In related news, AYWY needs YOU to cast your votes for them at this year's BFD. The band is in the throes of being nominated to fill the last Local Band slot at the Pepsi Soundcheck Local Band Stage. Visit the Live 105 website to vote.

Listen to "Nights Like These" and other related musings on Bandcamp. Do it now - you'll feel better