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A worthy investment: Consider The Shirt

Not all busts are created equally. Fortunately, neither are blouses and shirts.

Investment dressing means different things to different people. How much you spend when you invest and what owning an item means to you, only you can know. On the other hand, some want the the world to know in ALL CAPS. Huntsville is filled with Investment Bags and you can barely swing a stick without hitting a Louis Vuitton (real or knock-off) on a Sunday at Bridge Street.

For others, it means a perfect-fitting jean or shoe that wears for years. When it comes to a white blouse, most of us don’t think about investing and one girl’s investment might be what another girl wears to water the lawn. That said, a blouse that comes in at close to $200, might seem a bit pricey to the casual pursuer of fashion, but when you look a bit closer, you’ll discover that it’s more than worth it.

Although not problematic for everyone (if you can buy off the rack from the boys’ department at Old Navy, read no further) The Gape is the plague of blouse and shirt shopping for any woman with a bust. You see, she either wears a blouse that is much too large and swallows her figure in the style of a tent, wears a camisole, or she spends precious time negotiating the placement of a safety pin backwards and upside down in the mirror.

Tired of fighting that fight Rochelle Behrens, a style and business savvy D.C. maven, designed The Shirt. She patented a button placket that stops The Gape, The Gap, or whatever you like to call it. The collection of shirts and dresses starts at $98.00 on sale and ranges to $198. In addition to classic shirting, there are a variety of fits, prints and fabrics to choose from. The silk options are quite lovely and worth checking out.

In Alabama, the closest retailers are in Birmingham with one purveyor in Auburn, but you can shop them online here with the available option to email or tweet with a stylist if you need extra support.

Happy Shopping!

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