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A still from The CW series "Arrow"
A still from The CW series "Arrow"
Photo by Jack Rowand

In a time where almost all stories have been done and the movement to franchises has been established, it is important for companies to now find new ways to grab hold of their audiences. Films are still drawing to the theaters but now it seems almost harder to do so. With the combination of such companies as Netflix having people see movies without leaving the comforts of their sofa, and the hundreds of pirating websites that bring entertainment right to the viewers fingertips, the struggle becomes even more real. Marvel Comics has seemed to do something right with combining films together through similar characters and one combined Universe that combines fans from all over. If one film wasn’t successful than maybe the other four could make up for it and draw in that one unsatisfied moviegoer.

This is not to say that the idea is a new one and hasn’t been done before. Crossovers have been done many times before, but there seems to be an upsurge in the idea of creating a universe through multimedia sources. This can be compared to “The Matrix” which spanned to video games and animation in order to expand the story of Neo and the world in which he exists. Companies now seem to be catching on and it would appear that DC comics and Warner Bros. seem to be quickly cashing in on the idea.

With the new set of films now released, it can be viewed as DC trying to corner a certain market that they along with Marvel have been fighting over. With a Flash show already set to premiere sometime in the future could it be that the fans prediction may be true? Could Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen in “Arrow,” really be a part of the new film series? There was and already WILL be a crossover between “Arrow” and “The Flash” so what is really stopping the powers that be from just incorporating them into the film world? This is where DC could finally break away from the pack and accomplish something that Marvel seems to be struggling with.

Though a Justice League film was previously planned years ago and quickly was sent down to development Hell, many begin to wonder if DC and Warner Bros. only wish to create this superhero franchise to keep up with their comic book competitor. In a surprising turn these films seem to have gotten release dates awfully fast and casting has seemed to not only shock fans but also have been finalized quickly.

By stretching the films out and having pieces of a much larger world begin to form, DC could very well be seen as following in Marvel’s footsteps. Marvel even has created a television show, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” that falls into the same universe as the film series. But what DC has already done is capitalize on the success of one show and wasted no time having another already set with a pilot to enlarge their world. Not too mention the new “Constantine” show that will soon premiere on NBC. “Constantine” will also seem to have an expanded universe based on a small screenshot showing what appears to be the DC Comics character Dr. Fate. By allowing the inclusion of their Stephen Amell into the movie fold, DC may very well be a step above Marvel, who instead used a side character from their series and popped him into a television show.

Seeing they allowed themselves to wait to gain a following, DC and Warner Bros. could now easily get an individual film for “Arrow” and capitalize on it. This would then allow them to just transfer the character of Oliver Queen into any other film in their newly announced lineup. But a major importance is could this all be very well worth it. By rushing into a franchise, it could damage the artistic value and overall quality of the films. Many times before franchises have been rushed to get established but then quickly fall apart.

With companies now looking to take hold of all multimedia, could this very well be the future of films and television? Companies could be happy by getting their “product” out as fast as possible with as many ways to view it. Fans will also be as happy so they can see an expansion on a universe they love so much. Can it be done with some intelligence and grace in order to not leave audiences lost? With so much surrounding one particular universe there could be something lost along the way. Not everything really should have a final tie in. Sometimes the best part of the story is what isn’t known. There are even examples of what can happen if an established world is expanded on (all “Star Wars” fans should be nodding their head here). So this leaves the final and most important question of them all, should this even be done at all?

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