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A world full of Raju's

How many animals live their lives in captivity for years before ever getting any attention or help? Way more than most of us realize or even want to acknowledge for whatever reason, Raju's life of captivity went on for fifty long years, fifty long years of abuse, starting off with the illegal poaching of his mother and then him being taken into his painful abusive captivity where he was kept in shackles, made to beg for food and lived off of trash, paper and plastic. It is so obvious many knew about his life, just like we know about the life of Arturo the sad polar bear that we cannot seem to save, no matter how many petitions we all sign, what gives another living creature the right to imprison yet another living creature? Because we are human do we really think we are above all else we share our planet with to the point we think we are endowed special privilege to inflict horrible pain and abuse on all we think in our warped minds is below us in status? The very event of Raju being rescued made news world wide as if his abusive life was not enough to do so, his rescue was indeed just that a world wide event, in that the very rescue itself made this 50 year old elephant CRY. Yes CRY like that comes to a surprise of many, I don't know maybe we should all try a little harder than we think we currently do to imagine living our own special lives in captivity and abuse and daily pain and agony and stop assuming that we are so much more special that we are the only species capable of crying in happiness or sadness, who are we to think that others even if they are different than us, are any less beautiful or amazing or that they are exempt from the same feelings we so privilege ourselves? Now the owner of Raju is suing to get him back, why in the hell would he want him back? oh lets see, GREED. It would not be the first time we have failed an animal, we fail thousands, millions every year, look at all the stories, here on and the entire world, we are surrounded by our own failures. Every single day animals are given up for being sick and old and what others think is ugly, to much work and just a pain in the ass and we all know there are plenty of nasty kill shelters ready and willing to take them in and kill them with out ever blinking a dam eye while doing so. I wonder will the owner of Raju get him back? it will not surprise me if he does after all it happens every single day, with no accountability whatsoever because so many of us who read these stories of abuse and neglect, do just that, read them and then move on to our very important lives where we are concerned with nothing more than ourselves and our own needs and wants. Oh it is just an elephant or a dog or a cat or a bear or a mouse or a chicken or pig, or a horse, who really cares? THAT THEY LIVE MOST OF THEIR ENTIRE LIVES IN ABUSIVE PAIN AND HORROR, NOT ENOUGH OF US REALLY CARE, SO THEREFORE THEY WILL KEEP DYING. One animal does not deserve more attention on rescue than the next needy animal yet we all know rescue is very selective on size, color, breed, age, dollar value of course. All which I find very sad when there are so many lives in need. I am convinced more and more that my original opinion of why so much killing takes place in our world is dead on correct, it always has and always will be not that there are not enough homes, it is that there are sadly not enough people that actually give a dam to pull there heads out of there own self absorbed world and stop spending money on things they don't need, they just want so therefore they will come up with a thousand excuses as to why it is always justified to spend money on CRAP RATHER THAN SAVE A LIFE. The world is full of greedy, self centered individuals who would rather spend their time watching CRAP reality TV filled with others who are selfish and greedy than to take the time to save an innocent animals life. My six dogs keep me pretty real, I try every day to fulfill a promise I made to all six of them, to be the person they deserve, to live up to their expectations of me, as far as everyone else, at the end of the day you have to look into your own mirror. I pray you are happy with who is looking back at you.