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A Wood Between Her Chin and Shoulder

In looking at her, one gets the impression she represents something, but what ? So many things, so many products: hair, toothpaste, shoes, plus size dresses, take your pick.

Chelsea Green at An die Musik
Oswald S. Copeland

But it's what is stuck between her chin and shoulder, that matters: a eight shaped piece of wood, stained chestnut brown, with strings attached to the topside. In her right hand is a bow, which she uses to strike those strings.

Her name is Chelsea Green, a child prodigy, a graduate from Peabody, and she makes the violin talk. Welcome to the Chelsea Green Project.

It was one of those nights at An de Musik Baltimore, two sold out concerts, and before it was over, her hair was flying, stiletto heels were kicking, and finger rolls made intricate steps, to the audience delight. She now calls Baltimore home, and her new album is soon to be released. If you have not , it is your turn to hear what the lady does with the piece of wood between her chin and shoulder. (See video)

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