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A wonderful new natural skincare company definitely worth trying: Beessential

Beessential Beecology body washes
Beessential Beecology body washes

Beessential is an Ohio-based natural skincare company, which produces lip balms, body lotions, body washes, soap, foaming liquid hand wash, hair shampoo and hair conditioner.

I was recently contacted by Beessential to sample some of this family-run company’s products. The family business started as a simple bee-keeping experiment on the part of the owner, who then decided to try using honey and beeswax, made naturally by bees, to produce amazing cosmetics. I am not giving the company praise just because they contacted me, but because I seriously like the products! I will only write about or review products if I actually like them, unless I have a strong urge to criticize a particular company – in which case, I will do so usually by juxtaposing it in contrast to a better company.

Beesential is certainly one of the “better” companies. The products are completely natural, they smell amazing and like the pure essential oils that are used to scent them; and, they even donate 10% of proceeds to charity. You feel good using these products (because they are effective), and you can feel really good about your purchase – the proceeds go to two good causes – charity and a well-deserving company that should be supported by Americans in order to stay active.

Stayed tuned this month for several reviews on the Beessential products that I have been using for the last two months. Speaking honestly, I couldn’t be more impressed with the formulas and the effectiveness of everything that I have tried from this company. And the prices are also really reasonable, with free shipping after only spending $30.

Be sure to tune in every few days for a new review of Beessential’s individual products, and in the meantime, check out the company’s website here: