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A Woman's Appeal, STOP the RUTHLESSNESS

73 percent of family violence victims are women. That percentage goes up to 86 percent, when a male partner is involved.

Some of the supporters of the 12th annual House of Ruth event in Baltimore. All dishes were based on the Md. crab.
Some of the supporters of the 12th annual House of Ruth event in Baltimore. All dishes were based on the Md. crab.
Oswald S. Copeland

21,965 domestic violence crimes were reported in Maryland, 2006; imagine the numbers today. I read a report that THE HOUSE OF RUTH , had to turn away over 1000 women and children, for lack of bed space.

Why, in this the twenty-first century, are women yet being victimized? The male specie carries the guilt; and why is he doing this? Chemical dependency, economic hardship, family dysfunction, lack of spirituality, poor communication skills, stress? Maybe.

I am convinced it is a self esteem issue. Some men will take a loss to their fellow men, but not to a woman. There are those among us who will not walk away and start anew, who cannot resist the idiotic notion, "if I cannot have her, no one will". And this crime has been committed by men, who did not have a below socioeconomic upbringing. The WHO made a comparison of continents as regards domestic violence

"The rate of domestic violence against women was highest in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where 37% of women experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner at some point in their lifetime. The rate was 30% in Latin and South America and 23% in North America. In Europe and Asia, it was 25%." (National Post)

The Mayor of Baltimore City, Stephanie Rawlings Blake, addressed this issue last fall, calling upon the faith based organizations to make a commitment to intercede in the prevention of domestic violence, and this thought has merit. It has to do with making the youth having a new mental overview of the female, not seeing her only as a "thing of beauty" but as "a weaker vessel". Who else can say that to another man and make it stick, but men with religious qualifications.

So Baltimore's premiere oasis for battered women, THE HOUSE OF RUTH is not waiting for that self esteem reform, they need to save women from the savagery, and thus held a fund raiser at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The auctions, both silent and public, were outstandingly successful. Attended by men with deep pockets, who want to put end to this ruthlessness. So now, I have brought chivalry to your eyeballs, here's the address, (watch video)

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