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A woman gets pregnant thanks to a chicken egg yolk

chicken egg
chicken egg

A woman was able to conceive and have two children with some help from a little egg yolk.

The story reported by the New York Post Tuesday says, Mark and Suzanne Harper tried for 12 years to have children, spending more than $50,000 on in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, with no luck.

The couple from Ilkeston, England, discovered Mark had zero sperm count because of battles with testicular cancer. Also they found out that Suzanne’s immune system was producing killer cells that attacked embryos.

The CARE facility suggested the rare technique of treating Suzanne with “intralipid,” a mixture of the yolk from a hen’s egg and soy oil. The fatty acids are supposed to inhibit the killer cells that attacked her embryos.

On her eighth IVF try in April 2009 Suzanne became one of the first women in the United Kingdom to undergo the treatment. It was successful as her daughter Libby was born in December 2009.

In March 2013 they tried the procedure again and they had another daughter, 7-pound Connie in December.

“And it’s all thanks to egg yolk,” said Suzanne.

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