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A winter mess could be positive for your sewing room.

A wall of rolled fabric
Kelley Adinolfi

When you are snowed in do you take advantage to clean and organize your sewing room?

Some of us take advantage of the time we are not able to go out by organizing the stash of fabric or even get your notions in order. Others will take the time to make items and use the stash.

A good way to organize your stash is using old milk crates or even the collapsible ones that you snap together ( a little hint : use zip ties to hold them together - the fabric can get heavy)

Once you have the crates laid out the way you want them, it is better to roll your fabric so you can see what you have as well as save room. You are able to fit more when then fabric is rolled. It also makes it easier to pull out the fabric you are looking for.

The collapsible crates can be found at Ikea, Walmart Stores, Target, and many other places.

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