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A winter freeze at the St. Joseph Lighthouse in Michigan

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If you think it's tough here in the Gulf Coast area, take a look at the slide show accompanying this news link and picture the Biloxi Lighthouse under these circumstances.

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The photos were captured by Thomas Zakowski on a trip to St. Joseph, Michigan after a storm battered the state.

Zakowski said: 'Depending on the year, the lighthouses can remain frozen for over a month, but it all depends on the weather.

Every year it's different, but it's an event I look forward to very much. To get there was a little tricky because you have to make your way out on the pier. It's like walking on an ice skating rink and at one point I have to duck walk past the first building in order to safely get to what I call the prize.

Even though my photographs attract a lot of positive attention, that's not the main reason why I do it. I simply make the trek out there because the particular area fascinates me.'

Visit the Zakowski website at - ThomasZakowski and check out more than 500 posted pieces of art that he shares with the public.


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