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A window to your future has opened and another retrospective begins

Active listening
Active listening

Sunday March 2, 2014: It’s a hurry up and wait sort of day. So… do it now but go slow. And… If you feel stuck or under pressure, do a little homework, refine what you’re trying to achieve and make goals realistic.

Sometimes you have to take one step back to take two steps forward. Consider that this retracing of ground you’ve already covered provides opportunities to put persistent doubts about your worthiness to rest. A window to the future has opened, but patience will still be required to step through the door. A new retrospective has begun. Use this next few weeks to find a balance and refine how you act in relationship to others.

Ask yourself: What level of respect exists within your friendships, your work associates, and family ties? Do you actively listen to those closest to you, or with those with more experienced than you… or are your own opinions in the way of really hearing another? Are you being heard? Are you finding the right tone in your expression to get across what you really mean?

Active Listening: Hear What People are Really Saying

Today’s Quote

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~ Winston Churchill

Please note: The sky speaks to you if you will let it. Every day it delivers a message that each person hears in a uniquely different way. What do these daily self-help messages mean to you and your life? To find an astrologer or to find out more about Patricia ~ click here.

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