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2014 Winter Olympics

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A 'wild' alternative to the Sochi Winter Olympics

Tiger Zeus wins the gold in snow sprint competition
Tiger Zeus wins the gold in snow sprint competition

The round-up and killing of stray dogs in Sochi has prompted many animal lovers to avoid this year's Olympics like the plague. It seems to be the last straw when added to the planned participation of a dolphin carrying the Olympic torch*, orcas captured for display in Sochi*, anti-gay rights issues, corruption and the threat of terrorism. The Sochi Olympics have become a lightning rod for controversy across the board.

The Wildcat Sanctuary's Carlo wins gold medal for ring competition

If animal lovers are looking for something different, some competitors they can really cheer for, The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota presents a spoof of the Winter Olympics with their own light-hearted version. With all sorts of new categories for competition, their rescued wildcats have been competing for medals in events like snow swimming, snow sprints, curling, hurdles, and rings.

The Wildcat Sanctuary joked that coverage of the events was shared on a "feed-delayed" basis since the wild cats "compete" whenever they feel like it. The tigers, cougars, and bobcats who took home the gold this week have been seen celebrating throughout the Sanctuary. Though, can you really tell when a wild cat is celebrating?

* Reports just in state officials have cancelled the planned use of dolphins and orcas in the Olympics.