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A wickedly diverting break from the grind


 Revolution Rock Bar & Lounge

Bostonians have the reputation for being a staid set, which is undeserved. When they become harried and stressed, they, like residents of any other city, look for a place where they can relax. They want a spot where they can engage in a bit of escapist fun. Fortunately, Boston has such an establishment: Revolution Rock Bar & Lounge at 200 High Street. It is a glorious, sly tribute to the rock and roll culture. Here, you can sip an expertly made cocktail and watch passersby from an animal-print banquette. If you would like to position yourself more discreetly, you can enjoy a tête-à-tête and a glass of Pinot Gris at a cozy table for two. As you talk, a forever sexy rock chick snarls her approval at your choice. But, in the event that you are looking for some wisdom, you can ponder the musings etched on the ceiling while listening to a classic Aerosmith tune at the bar.

In creating such décor, the management at Revolution Rock Bar & Lounge knew that they could not entrust the job to simply anyone. Operations Manager Zachary Barnett says, “We wanted to create something visually exciting, pleasantly memorable.” For that reason, they brought in Lee Tosca, a skillful movie set designer, to bring their vision to fruition.

The management knew that such décor would provide people with the reason to come once or twice. They knew, however, that they would have to offer more than that in order for people to become regulars. With this in mind, efforts were made to create a menu that would satisfy the palate. The result is classic American fare with enough of a twist to merit praise for creativity and overall adroit preparation.

But, what kind of rock bar and lounge would Revolution be without live music? The public has never had the chance to consider this question. Numerous acts have performed here. This venue has featured Chris Barron, the lead singer of the Spin Doctors. Fans were treated to his band's music as well as his own during a rock-acoustic set. John Cusimano, who is Rachael Ray's husband, also performed at Revolution with his rock band, The Cringe. There have equally been nods to other genres of music with appearances by local R&B sensations Louie Bello and Lisa Bello.

Summing up the efforts of the team behind Revolution Rock Bar & Lounge, Manager Bobby Walko says, “We work hard so that the public can relax and have fun.” The city of Boston and its residents are looking forward to enjoying these efforts well into the future.