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A White Christmas for Baltimore?

Holiday Snow?
Holiday Snow?
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The weather pattern will be changing a little as we move through this week before Christmas. A colder weather scenario, in general, will be setting up for Maryland over the next 10 days. A series of storms will come through, and each one will beat down the ridge in the eastern half of the country. That means it will get progressively colder, and each one will then have a better chance of producing snow. The first storm will come through on Sunday...that will be a rain event. The second in this series, will roll through on Monday & Tuesday. This one might have enough cold air for a mix of rain & snow...but nothing should stick. The third storm will move in between the 20th and the 23rd. This one will deliver a very cold air mass behind it, and set up a chilly Christmas Day. Highs will likely be in the 30s. In addition, there are a few computer models that try and develop a clipper storm that would be scheduled to move through Maryland on the 24th or 25th. So...I still think there is a chance for a White Christmas around Baltimore!