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A Weekend with Jason and Indie Horror.TV

June 12th-15th
June 12th-15th
Robert Poole

This weekend is sure to be a slasher filled event for Friday the 13th fans as Indie Horror.TV sponsors their Friday the 13th Weekend at Edgewater Inns & Cottages in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The weekend begins on Thursday with traditional horror shorts, movies and other special showcases. Then on Friday the 13th is when the main events begin as the original first film of the series is screened at an outdoor theatre to capture the campground feel. The Friday the 13th marathon continues Friday and Saturday night with other Friday the 13th themed contests bring gorishly good fun and exciting prizes such as a machete signed by Teddy White and a Deluxe Jason mask signed by no other than Adrienne King, Kane Hodder, Harry Manfedini and Jason's mother - Betsy palmer.

All room reserved guests will recieve gift bags including Adrienne King's Crystal Lake Wine, Ari Lehman's Jason's own Slasher Sauce (Hot) and T-shirts. There will be free beer and root beer for guests on Friday night provided by Stone Cellar Brewpub and all weekend long guests can enjoy the campgrounds and bonfires every night and a rented pontoon boat on the lake Saturday day. There is still a chance to reserve rooms at Edgewater Inns & Cabins by calling (888) 334-3981.

For anyone who is unable to attend, on Friday the 13th, Indie Horror.TV's channel will be screening original camp slasher movies. Actors from the film series will be appearing for live Influences Chats. So hurry up and reserve your spots for this great weekend!