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A weekend in Portand, OR

Portland, OR skyline
Portland, OR skyline
Michael Silberstein

Looking for your next quirky weekend getaway? Look no further than Portland, Oregon. With plenty of flights out of the LA area that serve Stumptown (Jet Blue currently has $97 fares out of Long Beach directly to PDX) and more than 900 downtown hotel rooms stylish stays are available at budget prices.

Portland has a vibrant downtown, pretty residential neighborhoods, ultra green ambitions and countless brewpubs, coffeehouse and independent book stores. With a small-city feel and a perfectly walkable urban core, Portland is an excellent spot to while away a weekend (plus some!)

Tool around the city’s many trails and paths with Pedal Bike Tours – try the Oregon Brewery Trail Tour, and sample some of the breweries that make Portland “Beervana” or spend a few hours browsing the bookshelves of Powell’s. Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll agree that Portland positively rocks.