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A week of dirtcheap Boston Valentine's activities: Day 1 cheap wine tasting

You can't find a cheaper way to woo your Valentine or meet new friends on a Monday!
You can't find a cheaper way to woo your Valentine or meet new friends on a Monday!
Carlos Porto /

Valentine’s Day—whether you’re single and looking to mingle (with varied success) or anchored down by the old ball and chain—can be a bit of a drag for everybody.

Whether you’re a member of the former category or the latter, the bottom line is: you’re probably going to think about Valentine’s Day sometime during this week leading up to it, and once you think about it, you’re going to have to do something about it—whether it’s buy the LOYFL- Love of Your Friggin Life- some chocolates or buy yourself some deep, dark chocolates to fill the deep, dark sadness you’re feeling sans one Valentine this year. Either way, it’s gonna be a long week.

So why not get the week started right—and start drinking early?

For Day 1—drinking is the best and cheapest way to go.

Where you might ask? Well, The Second Glass is hosting a Valentine’s Day Draw Droppers Course at the Wine Gallery in Brookline. Tickets are just $10 per person. Why not stop by and get the week of romance/self-indulged despair started off right? Who knows… maybe you’ll even meet your Valentine (for those who qualify… if not, stick to the one you’ve got!).


  • Cheryl Antier 5 years ago

    This is just too funny - I can't wait to read the rest of the articles in this series - and that's from someone who's found the LOMFL (Love Of My Friggin' Life) - thanks for the laughs - and the ideas - keep them coming!

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