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A website and app that helps to find love, support and hope for PositiveSingles

Launched in 2001, is the largest online community and dating website for people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV, Herpes (HSV), or HPV.
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Dating can be difficult and HSV dating, for example, can be even harder. As the ease of technology continues to merge with daily life, Internet dating integrates easily. STD dating is made simpler with the use of the Internet and apps.

PositiveSingles also has an iOS app. A new iOS version 3.40 app was released this spring and it features a new, native iOS interface, is faster and more stable, as well as being easier to use. This iOS app is designed for both iPhone and iPad users and is compatible for use with an iPod Touch. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and is optimized for use with the iPhone 5. Being only 20mb, the new PositiveSingles app is small and convenient to install, and users can select between either English or German languages.

In an interview via email, PositiveSingles’ Spokesperson Jenelle Marie recently answered some questions about, Her answers are below:

How many members does have?

Since launch, we’ve seen incredible growth in our membership and our daily active members. Presently, we have over 800,000 members worldwide, and we have over 15,000 daily active members.

Why it is successful?

The PS platform, while being an online dating site for people with STDs, is really more than that, and is a community for people with STDs to find love, advice, friendship, and support. It's a safe space. That is why it's had such continued success and growth, because people with an STD can find both partners and helpful resources that are otherwise scarce.

Do you have any thoughts about the future of Internet dating?

The communicating that occurs on is non-verbal, though, we think there's a lot of opportunity to get to know someone in the online dating realm, and sometimes even more so than what happens in a traditional bar or social setting. I think the recent Pew Survey summarizes the benefits of dating online quite well. Even though our site is tailored for people with a sexually transmitted infection or disease, the online dating process on our site is quite similar to that you would see on a traditional online dating platform.

Internet dating is only getting more popular, convenient, and less stigmatized as the ease of technology continues to fuse with our lives – we think, Internet dating does so seamlessly.

The hurdle that is relevant here is that someone has to take a little more time to approach someone in writing before getting the opportunity to meet, but that is often a good thing, as it requires more communication, overall, than what might otherwise happen when meeting someone in-person and without having engaged in dialogue online first.

What sets us apart from some of the other platforms is that we offer both a live chat room - similar to what one would have seen back in the days of AOL chat rooms - a highly active forum, and a personal blog option. Those tools are unique and advantageous in the online dating realm, because they provide anonymity while giving members some insight into who a person is and why they might be interested in them long before they ever reveal their name or contact information.