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A web site for the ages

Permanent memorials to deceased individuals can be found on Facebook.

Now, is trying to formalize the process by creating a site in which people can create a lasting memorial for themselves that, in theory at least, should last the ages.

The site could be appealing to individual Baby Boomers who are looking for a way to stick around, even though they aren’t around any more.

“I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to bring to life a place where people can create, share and celebrate their lives, both in the present and for future generations,” said Susie Walling, founder of My Lasting Legacy. “I feel as if I have been led by a higher power to create a site where people are able to enrich, engage and manage their lives through creative expression and social networking.”

With a basic registration, a member can upload information that includes stories about your life, photos and videos, and you can select a so-called “My Circle” that gives certain individuals access to that information.

For an upcharge, a member can also include categories that include: My Secrets, My Health, My Wealth, My Funeral, and My Last Words.

Of the latter, the site advises: “Create a series of timed-release letters for your children or loved ones that will be sent to them at pre-appointed times in their lives — leaving behind a summary of your life's experiences and beliefs. This service is comforting for people with life-threatening illness or for members of the armed forces.”

The paid tier of services also includes encryption (for sensitive information such as medical histories), the ability to upload and store high resolution photos or vidoes, and a vault, which the site describes as a personal time capsule.

According to a press release, My Lasting Legacy has been in development for three years and launched in December, with additional features coming in 2013. The public now has the opportunity to register for free subscriptions. The additional features will be available through paid subscriptions in 2013.

Said Walling: “My Lasting Legacy addresses the needs of the whole person – spiritual, mental and physical – and connects people in a way that was previously impossible. It’s the beginning of accurate genealogy.”


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