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A way to relax: songs for the Hangover


Actress Olivia De Havilland relaxing 

After the hangover due to the Christmas parties, comes the time to recover before the big 2-0-1-0. Even though the gift exchanges have been done, the parking lots of Dolphin Mall and Dadeland have become a hunting game for people, hoping to still get a piece of the discount madness. For the weak and sleepless that have been partying, an evening with The who, The Rolling Stones or AeroSmith, seems like the way to recover.

Starting with the songs that will never get old such as, "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones, "Changes" by Black Sabbath and "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who, it is a perfect way to relax with artists that even after a decade, they are still rocking and holding the title as the Fathers of Rock. Followed by the band who's front man just admitted his addiction to pain killers, AeroSmith songs such as  "Dream On" or "Cryin"  might inspire or create a journey to the past. Alice in Chains has a song that talks about the choices of life, one of them dealing with addiction, titled "Your Decision".

Get cozy in the couch while enjoying a story  told by the instruments as it builds up to a climax filled by the electric guitar and the heartbeat of the drums. The results are songs like, "All I wanted" by Paramore and "Zero" by the Yeah Yeah Yeah, both songs released this year. Spice it up with "Razorblade" by HIM.

By this time, the headaches caused by beer or Mr. Daniels must not be as strong. Miami is not only filled by great restaurants, but also by beaches that might contribute to the detox process. No matter the location chosen to relax, the songs mentioned above will help with the hangover.

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