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A Way to (Actually!) Make the New Year Yours.

Tidy Up the Simplest Things

Now that we have made our resolutions, and toiled through about three weeks of the New Year, it’s about time we spend some time getting “real” with ourselves. Sure, we have made promises to stop making excuses and show seriousness towards everything from our diets to our relationships. Still, there is one relationship many Americans have failed to address, and that is the professional one.

No? Not you? Unfortunately if you are under-employed or unemployed, you are likely in a neglected relationship. If you have a job with no room for advancement and have currently been doing several unsuccessful interviews to no avail, it is possible you have fallen victim to a few mistakes. Are you a failing student? Or, are you an artist that does not book shows? If you answered yes to any of these, well then likely you are all, unknowing, participants of professional negligence. Or so a successful New York image consulting company would have you believe.

Here’s why: Your professional image has the tendency to make or break your credibility but so often it is overlooked. This is not to say that the disregard is done intentionally. In fact, there are many Americans struggling everyday to move ahead; prompting many of us to help out when and where we can. However, there are certain relationships professionals and would-be professionals must take control of for themselves. Enter Manhattan Makeovers. This image consulting company specializes in helping you develop a better professional appearance while building visibility techniques that you can benefit from year after year.

Many of us do not think anything is even remotely wrong with our images, let alone decide to change them via use of an image consultant. Interviewing attire is not rocket science. A clean shirt, a pair of slacks and some shoes will do the trick. And being taken seriously in your career should have nothing to do with your attire but instead have everything to do with your ability, right? Wrong. The fact is, the market for employment and meeting your organizational desires are competitive. Very competitive -and companies presume you will look the part. William Cane, president of Manhattan Makeovers and author of the Art of Kissing, reveals that you can boost your authority with the right clothes, hairstyles and to some degree even change personality flaws with your wardrobe.

“A temperamentally shy person, for example, can increase his ability to come out of his shell with more authoritative color combinations. And an overly stern person can lighten up his image by [lightening up] colors, such as the use of pastels,” says Cane.

These are a few of many strategies an image consulting team can help you stand ground with, instead of dancing around like a Vine video, while in professional environments. After all these professional interactions are or tend to become important opportunities for our futures.

With everything from fashion surveys to the use of eyeglasses to identifying the one staple piece every woman must have to be taken seriously, Cane has captured an invaluable service that is not obscenely affluent. In fact, the website boasts being a “luxury within reach,” for its customers. So this year take some time out to visit their website and learn how well their evidence-based research can work for you. After all, your professional life is waiting on your actions to lead the way into being a better you.

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