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A "Wave" of Deals: The Five Great Secrets of Duty-Free Shopping

Liquor is among the top duty-free items sold on cruise ships and at ports-of-call.
Liquor is among the top duty-free items sold on cruise ships and at ports-of-call.
David Kriso

Cruising has plenty of fun activities. No matter what cruise line people enjoy sailing with, there's always an abundance of great things to do. There are ice shows, rock climbing walls, karaoke, pool games, and non-stop entertainment. Also, guests can attend a wide variety of topic lectures. The one activity which draws the attention of everyone on board is duty-free shopping. Fun, tempting, and non-stop from day one to the final night, it is the part of every cruise which everyone may want to take along an extra empty suitcase. Indeed, the best part about on board duty-free shopping is the non-stop deals. Here are the secrets to making on board duty free shopping well-worth the experience.


During any cruise vacation, it is always important remembering friends and family at home. In fact, it is also fun making them feel jealous. Once the ship reaches international waters, the duty-free shops open. That is the time when the passengers can whip out their stateroom cards and get on with their shopping adventures.

Before passengers should begin spending their money on all of the things they're interested in, they should go through the souvenir shop with a fine-tooth comb. Well, not really! It's best not to clutter up the cabin on the first full day at sea. What gets cruisers' immediate attention first are the deals on clothing and electronics. Before buying a new digital camera, a blouse, a hat with the ship's name on it, a t-shirt, or a pair of cruise line logo sweat pants, passengers should look to see if there are any deals being offered. No matter what day of the cruise, there's always an array of deals in effect. Passengers should go around the store, and write down the names of the items. Even better, they should ask the merchandise staff if there are any deals or sales coming up. When duty-free shopping, saving money is a plus. If there is a sale on the items they're interested in, passengers should give the merchandise staff the heads up that they'll be returning. The merchandise staff are the most personable anywhere, unlike the once found at a local mall. It's best to browse before buying.


On any cruise, passengers are going to find a vast assortment of clothing on sale in the ship's duty-free shops. Inside and outside the stores, there is clothing piled about everywhere. On one night, there might be a sale on hats. Passengers can buy three hats for the price of one. On another night, there will be a sale on sweatshirts and sweat pants. Passengers can buy two of any article of clothing for the price of one. Every day there is a sale on items of all types.

No matter what day of the cruise, there is always a monster sale involving women's clothing. Beach clothing is also available on board. Ladies can purchase five bikinis for the price of one. They can buy one beach outfit and get a second one for half the cost. The deals get more and more enticing as the cruise progresses. The deals are never-ending! The final night of the cruise, the deals on clothing are nonstop. Passengers of all ages are tempted to load up on last minute keepsake gifts for friends and family at home. Whether it's jewelery, liquor, or clothing, it's all there waiting.


One of the most popular deals in on board duty-free shopping is LIQUOR. Every ship has a duty-free liquor store on board. When shopping for liquor, passengers need to remember this one big secret. As said in secret #5, they should always browse first. At the liquor shop on board, they should remember the price of the liquor they're interested in purchasing. Also, they need to keep in mind any deals that are available on board. They should be jotted down, and be taken along as a guide while shopping on land. Once passengers have checked out the liquor bargains on board, they can then check out the bargains on land. Every port-of-call has a huge array of duty-free shops. Shopping at each port-of-call is unique. When they say, "Buyer beware!", they're not kidding.

The one port-of-call well known for its duty-free liquor stores is St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. There are liquor stores located at the Crown Bay and Havensight piers. The three big liquor store names are A.H. Riise, Al Cohn's, and Dynasty Dazzlers. Passengers visit these liquor stores on daily basis. Passengers should visit all three liquor retailers and check out any bargains they are featuring. They might be able to buy more of what they're looking for, for a cheaper price. If passengers should see a sale on board for Cruzan Rum, any two bottles for $18.99, they should then look around in those stories to see if they can find a lower price. It's very possible to come across a sale on Jack Daniels whiskey at two bottles for $21.99. Again, it's important to locate the same liquor brands on land first. If they can't, they can go along with the on board bargain. Who knows! That is why it is so important to remember the prices and bargains on board. If the land bargain is better, passengers should go with what they see on land. If there's a brand of liquor they see on board with a good bargain, but it cannot be located on land, then it's best to buy it on board. It's that simple! There are cruise passengers who do go home with duty-free liquor purchases from on board and from their ports-of-call. Passengers should always check the prices before making a purchase. It's always best to get the most bang for their buck.


Liquor is not the only type of duty-free souvenir which cruise passengers will spend a fortune on. This is the ladies' big scene! Aside from liquor, jewelry is the second most popular duty-free product on board. Just about every cruise line features a shop featuring jewelry with the top names in the industry. There are wrist watches by Svarovsky, Swiss Army, Movado, Invicta, and Citizen. The jewelry shops on board also carry top brands of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. The on board selections feature top jewelry brands including Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard, and Piaget. On land, Little Switzerland is one of the best duty-free jewelry shops to browse through. It's a store passengers can pick up a little something for that special someone in their life. Aside from Little Switzerland, Diamonds International carries notable jewelry brands including Asher, Calvin Klein, and Glam Rock. The on board shops and the duty-free stores on land are in tight competition to make sure that cruise passengers and visitors alike get their best deal. They also want to assure that they go home happy.


The on board photographers and videographers work extremely hard. They are hard at work capturing the many great moments throughout the cruise. There are a variety of photo packages available. There are pictures taken during embarkation day, the formal nights, and major events. There is never a dull moment on any cruise. No passenger should ever disembark the ship without a copy of the cruise DVD. It features digitally filmed footage of priceless moments on board. Who doesn't want to see themselves dancing with their significant others at the pool deck party? Who doesn't want to relive the moment when they proposed to their future fiances? Who doesn't want to see themselves shaking hands with the captain? Who doesn't like to remember snippets of the on board shows? Lastly, who doesn't want to see footage of themselves participating in the belly-flop and World's Sexiest Man competitions? If the cruise was a blast and friends at home are jealous, the cruise DVD is the best duty-free gift to show them what they have missed. It's a great souvenir not to be passed up. It's quite easy to say that "great moments last forever". Passengers have to order the cruise DVD quickly. Production of the DVD ends the final night of the cruise.

Duty-free shopping is among the great reasons why cruising is so exciting. There is always something for everyone. It is also among the many reasons why people enjoy sailing on the cruise lines they like so much. Duty-free shopping on any cruise ship provides a unique experience for everyone. Further, it allows cruise passengers to brag about the fun they had during those seven, ten, or twelve glorious days. Aside from clothing, liquor, and jewelry, duty-free shopping provides passengers the opportunity to take home many everlasting moments. Following the five key secrets to duty-free shopping is a plus. Cruise passengers should always browse before they buy. They should constantly check out the clothing bargains, curiously investigate liquor prices on land and on board, always keep their eyes peeled for jewelry deals, and not return home without a copy of the cruise DVD. All five of these secrets are all a key part of what makes any cruise an exhilarating and memorable experience. Candidly, they are reasons everyone would want to plan their next cruise, wanting to go back for more.

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