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A war record to be proud of: Bush +3 Obama -5

President Bush won victory over Saddam Hussein in 2003 and over insurgents in 2008.  Democrats detested him to the point that they denied the troops their first victory and tried to sabotage the second.  Bush won two wars in Iraq.  Obama lost the peace.
President Bush won victory over Saddam Hussein in 2003 and over insurgents in 2008. Democrats detested him to the point that they denied the troops their first victory and tried to sabotage the second. Bush won two wars in Iraq. Obama lost the peace.

The revelations about the Obama presidency revealed by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates comes as no surprise to those who know that Barack Obama is a fraud from head to toe. Gates condemns Obama, along with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and VP Joe Biden, the ones responsible for the slaughter of the American ambassador and three others in Benghazi, as clueless political hacks who put politics before the safety of American soldiers and the security of the nation. Obama’s war record stands in stark contrast to that of his predecessor, President George W. Bush.

Bush won both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in just a few short weeks. Both Saddam Hussein and the Taliban were ousted from power by the brilliant operations of the United States military. The liberal media, however, would not acknowledge their victory because a Republican president was their commander-in-chief.

They condemned the troops and their generals for allowing an insurgency to be started, which was inevitable when dealing with Islamist jihadis. Bush & Co. spent the next four years trying to figure out how to deal with them. When General Petraeus offered the solution, liberal Democrats denounced him vehemently. But Bush gave Petraeus the reigns and a year later the insurgency in Iraq was crushed.

President Bush: +3 victories.

Americans then stupidly elected Barack Obama, a man with no experience, qualifications, or demonstrated intellectual capacity for anything more than pandering to freeloaders and smearing his opponents. Obama has never cared for the military and objected to the wars because Americans were killing Moslems. Even when intelligence analysts who had been hunting Usama bin Laden for ten years provided the best information for his location, Obama waited over three months before allowing them to proceed against the hide out where bin Laden was found and killed. Obama then gave the terrorist leader an honorable Moslem burial at sea.

In the rest of the Middle East, Obama’s detestation of American servicemen and their families led to one defeat after another. His rules of engagement hamstrung American soldiers in the field and he proposed a new award for those who held back from engaging the enemy when they would shoot at them in areas crowded by civilians for “heroic restraint.” Never mind that those human shields were more jihadis aiding the terrorists.

Obama sent a surge into Afghanistan that was half what generals requested, and no further advances were made against the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and other Islamist forces there. What’s worse is he revealed which SEAL Team carried out the bin Laden raid which resulted in one of their helicopters with some of the men that were on that raid, the only helicopter lost to enemy action in ten years, was shot down six months after bin Laden’s death. One defeat.

Obama helped Libyan insurgents overthrow Kaddafi, and allowed more to unseat Egypt’s Mubarak and install a leader of the Islamist terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, as president. In repayment, on 9-11-12 these groups overran the American embassy in Libyan killing the ambassador and a staffer, though the actions of two former, SEALS who went to their aide against Obama’s orders, allowed the rest of the staff to escape at the cost of their own lives. And in Egypt they stormed the embassy walls and raised the Al-Qaeda flag on American soil. When Egyptians overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood for attempting to seize dictatorial powers over them, Obama cut Egypt off from aid for the people. Two more defeats.

In Syria where more Islamists were trying to overthrow their secular dictator president, Obama attempted to aid them but was stopped by Russian intervention. And now, in Iraq where Obama withdrew all American troops, Al-Qaeda forces have once again taken over two cities and the western province of the country. Two more defeats.

Obama: -5 defeats

The war records of two presidents, one hated by the Left who was very successful, and the other loved by the Left who has been a total disaster, stand as testaments to one another. President Bush, a man who loves America, left office proudly with three victories on his shoulders, while Obama, who despises America, has brought the nation down with five humiliating and disgraceful defeats. To America’s undying shame, Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term and the nation continues its decline under his tutelage.

Although Gates says that Obama is a man of integrity, being true to his own nature is inconsequential to the nation. This president has never spoken the truth, but has pathologically lied and misinformed people with every statement he has ever made. Today, after Bush won the war in Iraq twice, Obama has lost the peace.

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