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A War Against Whites or A War Against Diversity?

War on Diversity
War on Diversity

“War on Whites” or is there a “War on Diversity?” From its foundation America has invited diverse cultural groups from all over the world to become citizens. Every American ancestor was originally an immigrant from another country and the only natives in the United States are mostly Indians.

Because America is made up of immigrants, the population was diversified from the beginning, even among European immigrants. Original immigrants are the ancestors of the American population. The cultural landscape is expanding even more in the 21st century and non-European groups are growing stronger and more vocal. So what!!

The need for American leaders to face the reality of diversity is important in order to lead the 21st century millennium, American citizens. If American leaders do not examine their biases, prejudices, and discriminating behaviors - resulting from their worldviews - they will not be relevant or competent to lead this great country.

Multicultural competency is now a necessary requirement, in all arenas and professions, which means leaders will have to self-evaluate their own – just like everyone else - outdated assumptions and biases that are crippling the growth and future of America. Diversity is a challenge for leadership, especially for those who can’t see past their own racial or agenda-laden in-groups (share common goals).

Many regular Americans are willing to meet and address the multicultural challenge favorably because they realized the potential of diversity is far greater than the sum of individual in-group components.

It’s not a “war on whites” it’s a “war on diversity.”

By saying it’s a “war on whites” is a sign that multicultural competence is seriously lacking among peddlers of this color-coded, in-group doctrine. The opportunity for enhancing multiculturalism and improving intercultural relationships, among Americans, is muted while a platform of division is vocalized across the American airwaves instead.

Continued multicultural incompetent, thoughts and actions, among leaders (political and religious) will only hinder American growth for certain groups of citizens, as well as limit aspects of the country to a negative, downward social spiral.

Spouting accusations such as a “war on whites” comes from a place of fear, rigidity, hate, a conquer and divide agenda, inflexibility, a selfish desire to keep control of one segment of Americans, old fashion reconstructionism, stubbornness, pride, and a refusal to grow beyond a greedy, in-group, privilege-for-the-few stance.

Without political and religious leaders taking an honest assessment of how their own worldviews, assumptions, and biases are affecting America, this country will never be able to meet the challenge of diversity and improve intercultural relationships among its citizens – without NEW leaders.

Unless and until Americans get rid of leaders, who are multiculturally incompetent and are no longer relevant to the future of the country, they will continue to focus on things that divide citizens instead of bringing them together. Is this the intention of our political and religious leaders?

The Christian Nation within America can have a big impact on meeting the challenge of multiculturalism and minimize the division among people. By growing multicultural churches that teach the love of God among diverse congregants, intercultural relationship can be visualized. This can also be instrumental for seeing the supernatural effects of the unity of God’s Spirit.

Some churches are doing that, but not enough. Sunday morning is still quite racially segregated within most Christian churches.

If followers of Christ would become aware of the racial division within their own churches and how they may be contributing to negative dynamics regarding intercultural relationships they can begin to turn America around for the glory of God.

Followers of Christ have the power of God to change the American environment around a dysfunctional multiculturalism and can impact how society should function in intercultural relationships by the way they love each other.

Multicultural churches are a true reflection of how scripture says “You will know my disciples by the way they love one another.”

No true follower of Christ will be involved with divisive statements about a “war on whites” when they personally know that God died for the multicultural world and Christian brothers and sisters are diverse. Christians are one body and one nation of believers under God that love one another.

America is not made up of whites only, it is widely multicultural and leaders who verbalize this kind of rhetoric (“war on whites”) have no clue about the America they are trying to lead. Because of their blindness, or refusal to acknowledge, or ignorance of a multicultural America, if there is a war, it is “their” “war on diversity”

Dr. Pensacola H. Jefferson

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