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A walk down Super Bowl Boulevard in New York City

Super Bowl Boulevard NYC complete with sledding, food, football, and fun!
Super Bowl Boulevard NYC complete with sledding, food, football, and fun!Jai Waltz

Super Bowl Boulevard, which opened this week to begin Super Bowl festivities in New York City, is adding extra excitement to an already chaotic Times Square. Spanning ten blocks with Broadway closed to traffic, there is a variety of football related activities. The most exciting event on Super Bowl Boulevard was the toboggan ride for only five dollars.

Super Bowl Boulevard NYC
Super Bowl Boulevard NYCJai Waltz

Since GMC was the sponsor, there was equally as much GMC advertisements as NFL ones. But at least the new 2014 GMC models were nice to see up close for vehicle enthusiasts.

Besides the toboggan ride, there was a tent where XBOX games were played. Anyone who played could be the team hero for a day or admire the game itself or the graphics. But it was a crowded tent though. But at least it was warm in there, so with the frigid temperatures New York City has been having; maybe it was just as much warmth that the people were after.

If football fans were not dressed in their favorite jerseys, they could go on an elevated platform and put their head on torso statues of NFL players and pose for a picture. There was a mini NFL obstacle course for kids in order to allow them to run out some energy in NFL style. The message of this obstacle course though was for everyone. By doing even a little exercise and being active for at least sixty minutes a day, overall healthiness would be improved.

One of the announcers at the event mentioned that Broadway has only been closed to traffic for twelve hours. But for the Super Bowl Boulevard, it will be closed for four days. But when will people get a chance to go sledding in the middle of midtown Manhattan again? Super Bowl Boulevard is like one big super bowl party before the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014.