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'A Vision Of Murder' true story of Donielle Patton and Douglas Clark

based on real serial killer case
based on real serial killer case

"A Vision Of Murder: The Story Of Donielle," is a true-story made-for-tv-movie inspired by the crimes of Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy. The movie originally premiered in February of 2000 on CBS. It is directed by Donald Wrye and written by Paul Eric Myers. The cast stars: Melissa Gilbert, Maria Conchita Alonso and Thomas Ian Griffith. The real names and real locations were changed in the film.

Inspired by actual events, "A Vision Of Murder" follows the story of Donielle, a psychic, who has visions of murder when she arrives in a small town where a serial killer is on the loose. The psychic visions remind Donielle of the murder of her best friend when she was just 8 years old. In those visions, she was able to see that her best friend was murdered by her own father. Will she be able to help police identify the serial killer who is murdering innocent women?

The movie has themes of murder, psychic visions and serial killers.

The real events that inspired "A Vision Of Murder" involve the case of Los Angeles serial killer Douglas Clark and his companion Carol Bundy. Donielle Patton is a well-known psychic who has aided police in several murder cases. Douglas Clark was sentenced to death row for this crimes. Carol Bundy was sentenced to life in prison. She served time in prison until her death in 2003, according to the Movies Based On True Stories Archives.