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A View from the Barstool "It's Mostly Small"

Never in my life did I ever think I would enter such an establishement that defined "hole in the wall" any better than taking a visit to the High Point Pub on High Point near Midtown. But I have to admit, it was a lot of fun.

Firstly, I have to say, this was an invite that was not suppose to be one of my articles, but I always have pen and paper ready...ok, Notes by Google, ready to go when need be. I thought I was just simply in the wrong area, passed by a closed coffee and diner and grocery until I finally saw the sign for this "Neighborhood Pub". I pull up to see my friend waiting on me in her car after I sent her a message stating "I was lost". She leads me down a breezeway with multiple small shopson either side, a dentist office, a pizza shop, (thanks for the wi-fi), a salon AND barbersop, until I see the door for the High Point Pub, established 1947, I entered and was, no kidding, staring at the other end of the building that was about 15-17 feet away. That wall was lined with bathroom doors, "Ladies" and "Gentlemen", sink on the outside of them. This was gold.

There is a small band playing, didn't catch their name, but I had to feel bad because it was like they were playing in a living room which means having a conversation involves screaming, but when you do, its over the band's sound. Sorry, I'm loud. Nevermind that, let's talk about the bar. It was actually a new looking type bar. Great seats and tables, everything clean compared to some places I have been. Then again, when your entire bar is that of a living room, its easy to keep tidy. No credit cards, but they do take cash or check. (I've been told they are upgrading soon). From what I found from the sweet bartender Ellen (her first night by the way), it was beer only. I am good with that and thank God, as much as I detest them, had a check book out in the car.

The good thing about the place is that while it's small inside they have tables set up outside the breezeway, so that gives them more operating room. The part owner Kurt was a great guy also, on top of things. There was a bit of a drama that night, but I won't get into that. Let's just say don't stir up trouble accusing people of the very thing you happened to hopped up on...its sad, depressing, it was comedic, but annoyingly so. Moving on.

It closed out around 11PM and I have to admit, I am going to go back one night during a weekend and see how the place is. Hoping to see some of the same faces as they all seemed to be welcoming people. Even that one guy, Mark I believe his name was or maybe Matt...I have to write these things down, nevertheless, it was great going Irish Vs Scottish in a war of accents and words...and beer. I recommend this place because it is as advertised..."It's Mostly Small". Visit them online,, tell them the View from the Barstool sent you.

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