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A View from the Barstool #FlashbackFridays

Randy Cresswell

As apart of my new surge of commentary I am writing, this will be one of the main staples: #FlashbackFridays. This is where I will be drumming some old, outrageous stories from the Memphis Bar Scene of the past in which names will once again be protect the innocent.

So where do we begin? Honestly, this first edition will be the first bar comp I ever attended at TGI Fridays Wolfchase. Thinking back that far just makes feel oodles of old. I had never seen a bar so full of adventurous people ready to support their favorite bartenders all the while donating money through auctions and raffles to Make a Wish.

To see all of the flaring, trickery of bottle manipulation at it's finest, it came off like a rock show with the loud music provided by the DJ and head manager performing as the stage manager as well as the announcer was entertaining as well, completed the whole aura of what was going on. If I remember correctly, the first one I went to was an 80's theme, which I find to be a popular choice for...well anything of a party environment. Its either that or a roaring 20's Prohibition party...but that's another column.

I made a lot of friendships that night, though sadly by the next day, I believe those friendships were bonded merely over the bottle and not for long term since no one really remembered they met. And before anyone says anything, guess what, you are at a bar, sometimes getting drunk happens. Just don't drive, simple. Anyways, done with the service announcement.

Bottom line was it was great to watch such a show that has now got my hooked into going every year to see who will be the next winner to move on the regional and finals of their World Competition. Every year has its ups and downs, its highs and lows, sadly this year's hit a low due to drama, but drama always happens. Just have to look past it and find a way to make it a positive experience. Tempers flare, words are said, but by tomorrow they are, but a memory...if you remember it that is. And if you don't, someone will and will continuously bring it up. It's the past, let go, and breath in the future.

Well that is it, my first #FlashbackFridays commentary in the books. My next article will either be one of two things: A Nashville Delight or a Memphis Midtown/Downtown Adventure...we will what comes next.

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